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To restore American Jurisprudence to the implied Biblical premises of the Founding Fathers.

To limit all of government to the boundries set by the Constitution as legally ammended.


To run candidates for local public office, and get them elected where they can gain experience for higher office and dispel the myth that "Third Parties" can't win.

To elect a President who will use his Constitutional veto authority (with the support of one-third plus one of the members of the House or Senate) to terminate all Federal activities which transgress the delegated enumerated function prescribed in the Constitution..


To balance the Federal budget immediately.

To eliminate the national debt, strengthen the dollar, and fight inflation by abolishing the unconstitutional Federal Reserve System.

To repeal the Sixteenth Amendment, abolish the Internal Revenue Service, and eliminate the Federal Income Tax.

To appoint only judges who acknowledge the legal personhood of the unborn child.

To end Federal interference with imposition of the death penalty for capital crimes.

To fully safeguard the "Bill of Rights", including rights of property, speech, religion, and the right to keep and bear arms.

To terminate Federal funding for Planned Parenthood, AIDS education, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Legal Services Corporation, and other subsidized forms of ideological advocacy.

To close down the U.S. Department of Education and restore local and parental authority by terminating the Federal role in education.

To restore unconstitutional Federal holdings to the states and the people.

To restore accountability by abolishing congressional pensions, limiting judicial authority, ending bureaucratic privilege, overturning executive orders, and restoring all legitimate regulatory power to elected officials.

To withdraw from all New World Order treaties and organizations.

To provide for the common defense, including the immediate deployment of a strategic defense and the retention of strategically crucial U.S. bases at the isthmus of Panama.

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