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IN HONOR OF VETERAN'S DAY         - We acknowledge Ed Parker        


Veteran and our hero!

The Constitution Party of Kentucky
would like to acknowledge

Ed Parker

The Constitution Party of Kentucky would like to honor all the brave men and women who put this country above themselves and gave their lives to protect us.

There are millions of brave soldiers who deserve some recognition. We would love to salute each and every one of them, but there are just too many. Therefore, we would like to honor our cherished member, Mr. Ed Parker.

Ed Parker was a Goldilocks Fighter in WWII, as described by Stephan Wilkerson in " The Goldilocks Fighter", Aviation History, July 2014.

Wilkerson referred to Ed as "Farm Boy", which fits his work prior to starting Navy Flight Training. Ed was employed at Parker Farm in Rich Square, N.C. until June of 1941.

Ed was a senior in Rich Square, N.C. High School on Pearl Harbor Day, December 7, 1941. After graduation, Ed took Navy flight training from June 1942 to September 1943. Ed's Navy orders had him report to San Diego, CA for assignment, then to Esparto Santos, the Pacific Navy Aircraft Carrier Base. He boarded the USS Princeton at the age of 19 and was assigned to Fighting Squadron 23 for three months, then sent back to the United States to regroup. Ed was one of the five "Goldilocks Fighters" assigned to Air Group 27 aboard the USS Princeton.

Ed Parker is also the author of The Lone Navy Eagle.

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